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See what’s happening at the Whiting Hotel, and what’s it’s like to live here, both at the apartments, and in downtown Traverse City. We’re more than apartments for rent, we’re a way of life.

Why Franquie lives at The Whiting

Having moved here from California for work in Traverse City, I discovered the Whiting hotel. Having resided as a tenant of The Whiting Hotel for 2 years in downtown Traverse City, I have found it to be very unique and convenient and a quite reasonable place to live. Such a historical building that is run and maintained by very competent management. All inclusive of amenities is a plus. To be in the heart of all of downtown Traverse and its many diverse restaurants and daily events is quite special. It’s a privilege to be a part of Traverse City history. If you are in the area please stop by for a tour as you will see first hand how interesting and special The Whiting Hotel is. ~ Franquie

Josh’s experience at The Whiting

I love being downtown, the beach is only a block away and the pubs are even closer. The space is affordable and everything is included. ~ Josh

Patty’s testimonial

I’ve spent all summer looking for a place in town convieniant enough for me especially since I don’t have a car. Lucky enough this hotel has a reasonable price with everything included. So far, so good. Can’t complain. ~ Patty