The History of the Whiting Hotel


Having moved here from California for work in Traverse City, I discovered the Whiting hotel. Having resided as a tenant of The Whiting Hotel for 2 years in downtown Traverse City, I have found it to be very unique and convenient and a quite reasonable place to live. Such a historical building that is run and maintained by very competent management. All inclusive of amenities is a plus. To be in the heart of all of downtown Traverse and its many diverse restaurants and daily events is quite special. It’s a privilege to be a part of Traverse City history. If you are in the area please stop by for a tour as you will see first hand how interesting and special The Whiting Hotel is. ~ Franquie

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The Early Days

The Whiting Hotel was built in 1893 by Howard Whiting who was a businessman looking to provide affordable living. His goal was to bring business opportunities to the Traverse City area, so he opened up the Whiting Hotel as a place where people could populate the downtown area with new business ideas and projects.

Halfway History

The hotel was then passed down to multiple owners including Don Wares who owned the hotel for twenty-two years. The current owners are committed to bringing back the reputation that the Whiting Hotel once had as a prestigious affordable hotel.

Current History

The newly renovated Whiting Hotel is decorated with gorgeous art work along with a fresh new look that is inviting to all guests. The Whiting Hotel is the perfect place for young adults who are looking for a place to call their own.


The Whiting

152 East Front Street
Traverse City, Michigan 49684

Phone: 231-947-6360

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